02 avril 2008


Zodiac date :August 22 - September 23
True Date : September 16 - October 30

Virgo is earthy and represents the sixth sign of the zodiac.feminine, and introvert negative sign.Also amutable sign. Is the second largest constellation after Hydra. She dropped a sheaf of grain, which scattered all along the path she took. This path is now known to the Chinese as the Yellow Road. Virgo is the nocturnal domicile of Mercury (Hermes) and the second of the earth elements. The only constellation containing all the bayer stars ( greek alphabet from alpha to omega). Symbol represents arms of maiden holding a sheaf of wheat.

Virgo ( Absin , Assyrian)

Astraea ( daughter of Zeus and Themis)

Persephone Περσεφόνη

Isis, Au Set She is the wife and sister of Osiris and the mother of Horus.

The Hindus saw Virgo as Kauni

Mercurius - Nebo ( Assyrian, Home of) Meaning sing :mind (crescent) poised over divine spirit (circle) and matter (cross). Symbol represents winged helmet and caduceus. Linking to बुध Budha. Chinese Element: Water. Chinese : 水.

Yin 癸 Yang 壬

Alpha Virginis : Spica.

Gamma Virginis : Porrima.

Demeter Δημήτηρ (Proarktouria, name of a ceremony held in her honour just before the rising of the star actarus.)

Ishtar ( Venus) Syrian or "Inanna".

β Beta Virginis Zavijava : زاوية العوا

γ Gamma Virginis: Porrima or Arich.

δ Virginis Delta Virginis, Auva : العوّاء

ζ Zeta Virginis, Heze known as Jiao Xiu on Chinese constellation : 角宿二

η Eta Virginis, Zaniah : الزاوية

ι Virginis, Syrma.
μ Virginis, Rigel : رجل الجبّار

ε Epsilon Virginis : Vindemiatrix

Kang : Cou 亢宿 Dragon d'azur de l'Est 東方青龍 .

( 處女座)

Bordering constellations:
Boötes, Coma, Berenices, Leo, Crater, Corvus, Hydra, Libra, Serpens, Caput.

Thoth (August 29 - September 27 , Egyptian Zodiac) ( Isis son)

Virgo , the Maiden, is associated with the arrival of spring and bringer of the growing season, usually is shown carrying two sheaves of wheat, one of which is marked by the bright star Spica. Often seen as the Scales of Justice. Demeter Δημήτηρ (Greek), Ceres ( Roman). Or Proserpina (Persephone) Demeter's daugther who was abducted by Hades ( Pluto). As Erigone, Icarius daughter, goddess of fortune.

Atargatis, Syrian goddess. ( Ishtar).

Minerva ( Roman) Athena Ἀθηνᾶ (Greek).

Diana ( Greek Artemis, Ἄρτεμις).

Cybele ( Roman).

Khosha, or "the Ear of Wheat ( Persians).

Bethulah ( Hebrews)